Your Customised Treasure,
or how to design a one-of-a-kind wine tourism stay together.

With 324,000 hectares of vineyards to explore (nearly half of France’s vineyard footprint!) and a blank canvas, why not let us plan your route across Languedoc, Roussillon and the Rhone Valley? Share your ideas, wishes and expectations with us and we will provide our advice and organisational skills to ensure you don’t end up with a second-rate deal but rather a second-to-none experience.


“A tasting of my 10 favourite wines from the South with a well-known sommelier, as the prelude to dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant”… “A romantic weekend in a luxury hotel in the heart of a wine village”… “Exploring an appellation with a personal chauffeur and wine expert”… “Spending two hours with a winegrower I admire”… “Helping to blend a wine at a storied estate”… “Putting together a trip combining wine tourism, outdoor activities and gourmet foods”… “Accompanying winegrowers as they walk the land inspecting their vineyards”… “Taking part in harvesting or vineyard tillage by horse”… “Taking part in an olive or truffle harvest”.

By drawing on their imagination, our clients’ ideas become trips organised specifically for them.


What kind of trip do you have in mind? The founder and director of Pépites du Sud, Jérôme Villaret will handle your request personally. He gives you access to his personal contacts and organises the wine trip of your choice, catering to your budget.